Monday, June 20, 2011

Fishing Report: Backus Lake 6-20-11

I was fishing Backus Lake last friday morning when another fisherman asked how I was doing and was I having any luck? I said I had trolled around the shoreline and maybe had three bites. But I had stopped and caught a few small ones still fishing. To that he just shook his head and said, "this place is fished out". It's unbelievable how often I hear this.

I have a neighbor and friend that went with me to one of my favorite evening shore fishing sites. He picked me up at 5 pm and we drove the 6 miles to the site. He fished for maybe 15 minutes, declared the spot "fished out" and went and sat in his Jeep until I packed up and we went home. Let me just say my idea of evening fishing is about an hour or two before sunset until I can't see my bobber anymore.

When shore fishing in the evening I average 12 fish of varying sizes with 3 or 4 being keepers. But they don't always bite right away. And they always run in streaks. So if I left after 30 minutes I wouldn't have near the success I have.

I enjoy fishing and I like communing with nature. As is often the case I go fishing alone thus the lack of pictures. It's near impossible to hold up a fish and get a good picture. Plus I don't like to touch my Nikon camera with dirty, slimy hands. (A lens can be easily ruined just by water spots)

Anyway, I had a great time trolling. I had the whole lake to myself. The swarms of mosquitoes that had been there the last 6 weeks were gone (at least for this one day). And I caught a few keepers and just plain enjoyed myself. And that's what fishing is suppose to be about. Take it slow, be patient, enjoy the company if your with someone. Let the days cares melt away and just revel in the beauty that nature has to offer.

Here's to those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer,

Ken S

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