Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Higgins Lake-Roscommon Winterfest 2012 Feb 17-18

Tip Up Town is over and the warm weather keeps on coming but the winter festivals remain undaunted. Next up is the Higgins Lake-Roscommon Winterfest 2012 featuring the Cardboard Klassic at Pioneer Hill. The only question is, will the weather cooperate?

The warm temps ( a high of 48 degrees today) is taking it's toll on the lake ice and the small amount of snowfall this year. I have only seen a few anglers "brave" enough to go out on Higgins Lake and there may not be enough snow on Pioneer Hill for the Cardboard Klassic.

This could also effect the Higgins Fishing Derby and the Snowmobile Radar Run. Both events are held at the North Higgins Lake State Park. Not to mention the Snowman contest.

The weatherman is predicting highs in the mid to upper thirties all this week. That still leaves 2 weeks until Feb. 17th, the first day of the festival. So keep your fingers crossed and pray for snow.

There's plenty to do so come on out and cure the cabin fever. Badges are $5 and help deffer the costs of the festival.

For schedule of events and more info click here.

Hope to See Ya There,

Ken S

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tip Up Town 2012:Next Up...Polar Bear Dip

Certainly one of the most popular events at Tip Up Town is the Polar Bear Dip. Many people of all ages will stand in line for a couple of hours to take the plunge into the icy cold waters of Houghton Lake. Volunteers will work this week to cut the hole and check the ice thickness to be sure it will be safe for both "dippers" and observers.

The plunge begins around 1pm on Saturday though some will start to line up a early as 10am to get registered and be first in line. Registration and $20 are required to take the dip. The $20 helps keep the Tip Up Town festival happening and participants receive a Polar Bear Dip sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are while supplies last (one of the reasons people arrive early for registration).

The Polar Bear Dip is only a part of the fun. There are shows all weekend in both the family tent and the Adult (beer) tent. There are also many contests for both children and adults.

The first weekend of Tip Up Town USA 2012 was a great success although the numbers have not been reported as yet. Next weekend promises to be even better with milder temperatures in the forecast.

A $6 badge is still required for entry. If you have already purchased a 2012 badge you are good to go, badges are good for everyday of the festival and proceeds help pay for the festival.

So don't let "cabin fever" get you down this winter. Come to Houghton Lake and enjoy one of Michigans best festivals.

Hope to see ya there,

Ken S

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tip Up Town USA 2012 Has A Cold Beginning

Tip Up Town 2012

Tip Up Town USA, Houghton Lake, MI.

The festival began officially with the Grand Parade this morning at about 10 am with the temperature near 3 degrees. Although as of this writing the temp has risen to around 18 degrees, a Tip Up Town heat wave to be sure. Many are braving the cold on this sunny day. TUT is having a great turnout so far this the first weekend.

If you are coming to Tip Up Town this year the badges required for entry are $6. Parking and shuttle ride from the Houghton Lake High School to the Tip Up Town site is FREE. Let me say that again. Parking and shuttle rides between Tip Up Town and the Houghton Lake High School are FREE. Just look for the signs on the south side of M-55 next to the library. Badges are available at area merchants and at the Tip Up Town site.

Tip Up Town USA 2012 hope to see you there,

Ken S

Tip Up Town is held at the south DNR boat launch off M-55 near the Pines Theater and Pineview Highlands Golf Course, from there, just follow the crowd (on foot). There is no parking at the TUT site.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Will Tip Up Town USA Still Happen If The Lake Doesn't Freeze?

Tip Up Town 2012

Due to the "mild" winter and above average temperatures there is serious concern the ice on the lake may not be thick enough to be safe and the lack of snow doesn't help either. But fear not, TUT will go on as planned although some events and attractions may have to be cancelled. Most of the TUT entertainment and events are not on the lake but in the parking lot of the DNR boat launch. Still TUT does require colder temps and snow to be successful.

The Ice Slide is waiting for some cold weather and snow but should be ready by the time TUT's first weekend rolls around. The always popular Polar Bear Dip should be a go (ice thickness permitting). As will most if not all events.

The average temperature for this time of year is around 18 degrees but not so this year. Temperatures have been in the mid 30's with only a couple of nights when the temps were in the single digits. The lake does have ice on it and should be thick enough to be safe by mid January, in time for the festival.

As for snow, Houghton Lake has had one of the lowest snow falls in recorded history for December. The Tip Up Town USA organizers and area merchants are hoping for snow. As the festival and snowmobilers brings much needed revenue to our area during the slowest time of the year.

So "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow" See you at Tip Up Town USA.

For more info on Tip Up Town USA  CLICK HERE

Stay warm,

Ken S