Bud Bash

Bud Bash  2011 
Sat, August 6, 2011

Bud Bash is a festival held at the Limberlost in Houghton Lake, Michigan on the first saturday in August. This annual event originally started due to slow business at that time of the summer.

Although the festival is only the one day it has evolved into a weekend long celebration that has spilled out onto the lake, as many boaters tie off to each other. Creating a giant platform were party goers can move from one boat to another and socialize.

Although (or because) it draws so many people to Houghton Lake and many believe that the infusion of tourist dollars is a boon to the area at a much needed time. Still there are many residents that could do without the noise, mess and lewd behavior of some of the patrons. Extra police are brought in to tone down the revelry and subsequent lewd behavior (drunkenness, nudity and urinating in public top the list). Some area residents even plan a weekend away over Bud Bash, "just for peace and quiet".

Police reported that arrests were down last year and the crowd was a little more subdued compared to years past although many tickets were handed out. Including underage drinking.

If you plan to attend Bud Bash 2011 here are some tips:
  1. Monitor your exposure to the sun (sunburns are no fun)
  2. Bring protective clothing including a hat if you plan to be on the water for an extended period
  3. Use sunblock
  4. Bring mosquito repellent if you plan to be there in the evening
  5. Drink plenty of non alcohol beverages (sports drinks such as Gatorade work well to prevent dehydration) Stay hydrated
  6. If you need a place to stay, reserve a room early! Now would be a good time to check on availability. 

Finally, monitor your alcohol consumption. Alcohol dehydrates you as does warm temperatures (even if your in the shade) and nothing ruins a good time like a trip to the emergency room from heat stroke and dehydration. Not to mention the hangover the next day.

So have a good time but remember to respect other peoples property.

I'll see you there!

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