Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bluegill Festival 2012

The  63rd Annual Bluegill Festival 2012 is coming to St Helen July 12-15. 

Bluegill by Reedsburg Dam
Summer kicks off with the festival celebrating one of the areas favorite indigenous species, the bluegill. Known primarily as a tasty treat, bluegill are also a whole lot of fun to catch. Their fan like body can give them a lot of kick when caught on a hook. I have often thought I had a good sized bass on the line only to discover it was a small bluegill.

These sometimes sizable fish are a member of the sunfish family and are so alike in appearance (especially during spawning), bluegill are often mistaken for sunfish. Either way they fight like heck and eat the same.

In celebration of these feisty fish St Helen will have a Grand parade, a kids parade, a talent show, a medallion hunt, arts and crafts, horseshoe contest, softball contest,bingo and a fishing contest. And much more.

So if your in Houghton Lake area the weekend of July 12-15. Stop by the Bluegill festival for some rides, contests, fishing and parades. Beverage tent and live entertainment.

For more festival info click here.

As always hope to see you there.

Ken S

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