Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bud Bash 2012: Here It Comes

Love it or hate it Bud Bash in Houghton Lake, Michigan is on it's way.

Bud Bash is a summer time legend in Michigan, surrounding states and parts of Canada. When sun worshipers and boaters of all ages converge on our little town (on the shores of the biggest inland lake in Michigan) for a weekend of unrivaled fun on the water. OK the Jobbie Nooner could be a close second. Both involve boats and sunbathers and lakes. Both are Pure Michigan (tongue in cheek).

The Jobbie Nooner is held on an island in Lake St Clair, in the late springtime and during the week. Bud Bash is held at the Limberlost Bar & Grill on the south shore of Houghton Lake, the first Saturday of August. Jobbie Nooner is often cool and rainy. Bud Bash is hot, hot,HOT!

Sponsored by Budweiser, there is plenty of refreshments,freshly prepared food, and my favorite,  live music. Limberlost has a spacious deck with a beautiful view of Houghton Lake and a dock for those that wish to arrive by boat. Many boaters just tie off to each other and enjoy the sun and fun from their boats.

The actual Bud Bash is on Saturday but many revelers begin on Friday and continue on through Sunday. Especially when the weather is nice. 

This has been a booming summer for Houghton Lake so far. Whether due to gas prices dropping in time for summer or just word getting around about what a great place Houghton Lake is to vacation it's a welcome sight for local merchants. There are plenty of other festivals and activities in and around Houghton Lake for non Bashers.

Plan early if you'll need a motel room for the night. We have campgrounds near town, several state campgrounds and parks.

Tips for a good time:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Drink responsibly. Alcohol dehydrates (each year someone goes to the hospital for dehydration)
  • Monitor your time in the sun and use sunscreen or sunblock 
  • Please be responsible and respect other peoples property (the biggest single complaint is property damage to homes near the Limberlost) 

We want you to have good time but drink responsibly  

 So come early and stay late.

Hope to see you there,

Ken S

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