Thursday, May 24, 2012

Houghton Lake Memorial Weekend 2012 Fishing Report

Sunfish at Reedsburg Dam
There's good news and bad news.

Good news first.

The Walleye and Bluegill are biting on Houghton and Higgins Lakes. I'm not positive but I've heard the Bluegill are biting on St Helen lake also.

In Houghton Lake: Best places are near the weed beds along the south shore, west shore and the middle weed bed. Also fishing should be good in the East Bay near Harveys Marine. The North Bay holds some nice sized Northern Pike and Walleye.

In Higgins Lake: Rock Bass, Perch and Bluegills are being reported along the west/south shoreline in 15-20 ft of water.

Nice size Crappie at Reedsburg Dam
In St Helen: Some of the best Bluegill fishing in the state is near the weed bed off Artesia beach (near the west end.

Bad news.

The fish were biting at the Cut River but have slowed considerably. Best times for fishing would be late morning/early evening.

Reedsburg Dam flooding side
Reedsburg Dam also had great fishing on the low side but the water level has dropped considerably in the past week. Fishing has dropped off BUT fishing on the flooding side of the dam has started to pick up for Bass and Bluegill. So Reedsburg is a toss up for this weekend.

Backus Lake no report due to high winds but Bluegills and Perch plus some Northern Pike and Bass are always possible. Try near weed beds along shore or in the middle.

Backus Dam off M-18 fishing has been poor due to high fast moving water but could improve over the weekend.

Rock Bass at Reedsburg Dam
Weather forecast is for plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in the 80's. Great for sunbathing not so much for fishing. Also wind predictions are between 10-15 mph. So mornings and evenings should be optimal with lower temps and less wind. Fishing should be good all day.

Best Bait I have been getting hits on both live bait and plastics. Check with your local bait shop for which is working best for what your after.

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