Friday, June 10, 2011

Michigan DNR State Campgrounds, Deer Baiting & Free Fishing Weekend

The 23 state rustic campgrounds have been saved at least for another season. It was never known to me Whether Reedsburg state campground was on the list for closing or not. I do know that Reedsburg gets plenty of campers during the summer and a few during the spring and fall seasons. Many local fisherman use the boat ramp in the campground for some excellent fishing in the Dead Stream Flooding. The flooding also offers beautiful views from a number of the campsites during any season.

The DNR has voted to rescind the ban on baiting in most lower peninsula counties. See DNR website for list of counties that are still banned from baiting. Baiting will be allowed from Oct 1 to Jan 1. Recreational feeding on a homeowners property within 100 yds of the home is reinstated year round. The rule will be revisited again in 3 years.

June 11 & 12 is Michigan free fishing weekend. It's a chance to try out fishing without having to buy a license. So take the kids and get out for a day or two of fun and relaxation and maybe inspire a future angler.

Good Luck and Be Safe,

Ken S

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