Saturday, January 8, 2011

Houghton Lake Ice Fishing-East Bay Shanty Town

East Bay Houghton Lake near Harveys Marine
K. Stephenson

The Houghton Lake East Bay was filled with shanties and fisherman today even thought the temperatures dropped well below zero in the morning. My computer read -6 degrees at 8:30 AM. The high for today was forecast to be 22 degrees and with the help of sunny skies I'm sure it made it. It was a beautiful day.

Above is a photo of a "shanty town" in the East Bay just off Harveys Marine. Both the marine store and the marina with boat slips are for sale. Someone suggested that the marine store might be a great place for a restaurant. With the boat slips and a dock for those on the lake and plenty of parking it would just take the right person to make it happen. I know nothing of the zoning laws or land use for restaurants, but a nice seafood restaurant there would sure be nice.

As for the fishing, all area are reporting moderate to good fishing, with minnows and wax worms the preferred baits. I haven't met up with anyone fishing either Higgins Lake or Lake St Helen. But as soon as a I do I'll let you know. As a matter of fact I may just take a drive tomorrow and check at least one. Until then..

Stay safe, stay warm and stay dry,



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