Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ice Fishing Report: Lake St Helen

Lake St Helen Smiling Sun on Shanty
K. Stephenson
Ice fishing on Lake St Helen is in full swing. According to Malcombs Tackle Box on M-55 Lake St Helen in having a great year of fishing with Bluegill, Perch and some Northern Pike and others being reeled in. The best fishing is off of Artesia beach. Photographs taken were by the DNR boat launch off Airport rd.

There are few heavy wood shanties on the lake as more anglers are using the portable shanties. Not too many of the fisherman are permanent residents who use the shanty often. Also if the weather warms and the snow melts and then reforms as ice, it's a major hassle digging the heavy shanty runners out of the ice when it comes time to move it.

Minnows and white artificial baits are currently on the menu. Also I am a proponent of jigheads. I started using them a few years ago and I love them. They give a natural presentation for more strikes. Hook the minnow through the lips.

For up to date information on the fishing and bait at Lake St Helen stop by Malcolm's Tackle Box on your way into town. They are knowledgeable and helpful, have a great selection of tackle and live and artificial baits.

Note: The St Helen Winterfest is February 5, 2011 and badges are only $3. We don't have a lot of snow so far this year and the warm snap melted a lot away. But we have since had more and currently have about 8" on the ground. so snowmobiling isn't great but still doable. There is a lot of snow on the lake so be careful about driving a vehicle on the lake.

Stay safe, stay warm and leave some fish for me.

Ken S


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