Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tip Up Town USA 2011-Elections Update-Ice Tea Party Wins Big!!!

Tip Up Town, USA  January 8, 2011

Election Results 

The Ice Tea Party were the big winners at the annual Tip Up Town kick-off on Jan. 8. Mayor "Jamaica" George Davis and Marshal "Caribbean" Chris Tribelhorn aligned themselves with the Ice Tea Party and ran uncontested. In keeping with this years theme "Life's a Beach" both candidates and their fellow party members wore outlandishly colorful tropical clothing (the umbrella hat was a particularly nice touch for the new Marshal), while singing songs and performing skits. . In a contest that requires little talent, a lot of imagination and telling some whoppers, these two had no competition (they were the only ones running) and cruised to victory like a runaway snowmobile.

Mellisa Sullivan was radiant while being crowned Tip Up Town Queen 2011. Runner up Kathy Pease was also quite elegant. No word has been given whether Ms. Sullivan will participate in the annual Polar Bear Dip which is held on the second saturday of the festival. A tradition which began some years back. The "Polar Bears" start dipping around 1PM and bleacher seats fill up fast. A good time will be had by all. For more info contact Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce

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