Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tip Up Town, USA 2011 Update- Polar Bear Dip

Tip Up Town, USA. The temperature for the first weekend of TUT was "ice cold" as usual, with the temp in single digits, closer to zero. But that didn't stop the record crowd from having a good time at the 61st annual TUT, USA 2011.

The Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce has announced there will be "no" preregistration for the Polar Bear Dip, but only the first 250 jumpers will receive a sweatshirt. So if you want a sweatshirt plan to be early. The "dipping" starts at 1 pm on saturday Jan 30. Registrants start forming the line around 11am possibly earlier. Some of these people are hard core as they wait in line year after year to get that sweatshirt. I enjoy watching the Polar Bear Dip but personally, I don't need a sweatshirt that bad. At least not this year. Maybe next year. Never say never.

Coming next Fishing Report St Helen. Hope to have some photo's of the Polar Bear Dip for you after next weekend. So until then...

Stay safe. Stay warm. See ya next time.

Ken S.

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