Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get Out Your Smokepole, 2010 Muzzleloader Season Is Almost Here

Breakout the smokepole it's nearly that time again.  For some the muzzle loading deer season is just another chance to bag that big one that was spotted the day after the regular season ended. For others it's a chance to test ones skill with, what some consider, an archaic if not ancient form of firearm. Yet many others embrace the history and will even dress the part of a hunter or mountain man from days gone by, to relive the experiences of our ancestors. When a  misfire (due to wet powder) or a missed shot, could mean going hungry for a long time, reducing their chances for survival.

If your going to be hunting with a muzzleloader and you haven't used it recently (maybe not since last year) it would be a good idea to give it at least a quick cleaning. Keeping your firearm clean will not only keep it in optimal condition but it just plain shoots better when there's no build up of left over residue or unburned powder, and the barrel has been seasoned with lubricant. Prelubed patches are easier than trying to squeeze bore butter from a tube, evenly over a patch. Can be very messy.

This is not an endorsement for CVA cleaning products although I am sure they are of good quality. I just wanted to show the ease of cleaning today's muzzleloader rifles.

Muzzle loading season for deer in zone 2 (Roscommon county is in zone 2) is from December 10-19, 2010. For more information go to the Michigan DNRE.

That's it for now so...

Stay safe, stay warm and keep your powder dry,


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