Friday, December 31, 2010

Houghton Lake Ice Fishing-Great Start for the New Year

Dead Stream Flooding by K Stephenson

As I passed the lake on my way into town yesterday I noticed more shanties than I have ever seen on the lake in the 8+ years I have been coming here. The early cold and the budding economic recovery I think are the determining factors. Or it could just be that the fishing is good. Whatever the reasons, it's a welcome sight. This season promises to be a very good start for the local economy with Tip Up Town coming in just a few more weeks (more on TUT soon) the . The theme Life's a Beach could be the cause for the unseasonably warm weather.

We're being hit by the heat wave here in Houghton Lake just like the rest of Michigan. Highs close to 40 Friday and Saturday with the temps dropping to the low 20's on Sunday. I don't believe this will affect the lake too much for fishing BUT it could cause cracks and shifting ice which can make traveling across the ice dangerous. Especially on a snowmobile or SUV traveling at a high rate of speed. Speaking of snowmobiling, the warm temps are melting the snow at a fast rate. We only had maybe 5 inches on the ground and by Saturday there won't be any snow to speak of. Weather forecasts do not bode well for an addition of snow over the next 5 days. So keep your fingers crossed.

For more information about Houghton Lake fishing go to Houghton Lake Fishing.

I will report more soon including Tip Up Town USA info.

Stay safe, Stay warm and Happy New Year,


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