Friday, November 19, 2010

Houghton Lake Fishing Report-Reedsburg Dam

Reedsburg Dam 

I have been fishing by Reedsburg dam (off of county 300, north of M-55), fishing on the stream side of the dam. The eastside (the side with the stairs) has Perch hitting on nightcrawlers. The east bank (where all of the big rocks are) has the big ones. Just hooked a large Pike a couple of days ago. Of course the leader to my jighead broke before I could get it to the shore. What a fight. He won the first round, but round two is coming up soon. If your fishing with youngsters this could be a good place to try. Right now fish are hitting all day but morning (too cold for me) and 2 hours before sunset seem to be best times.

Theres also one of the best state campgrounds in the area right there at the dam. Actually one of the best in Michigan if you don't mind rustic camping (gotta love those vault toilets on a hot summer day). So if you have a hankering to go a campin' and a fishin', this is a great place to do it.

Just a quick note. The fish are mostly hitting on minnows and large shiners right now. I've caught some decent size Perch with nightcrawlers but for the big ones THINK SHINY MINNOWS. For the big ones stay just on edge of the mainstream towards the dam. Use a bobber about 12-16 inches above the bait. You can fish the bottom but you'll probably get caught in between the rocks and lose your rig. Also use a large bright bobber. The red and white ones are hard to see in the foam.

Until next time, keep warm, keep safe and keep fishing,
Ken Stephenson

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