Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Firearm Deer Season Starts With A Bang

Althought the bow season for deer began on October 1st, the most anticipated is the firearm season which begins on November 15th. The number of hunting licenses purchased this year have been reported as down from previous years. Several factors have ben attributed to the slow sales with the primary reasons being the slow economy and opening day being on monday this year.
Still the first day here in Roscommon county found many a buck hanging from local buck poles.

Buckpole at Freds Of Roscommon

 As the weather cooperated though not to the extent some would wish. With the temperature around 32 degrees there were reports of a light dusting of snow in some areas that quickly melted. A few inches of snow on the ground are preferable for tracking movement of game. Also blood trails standout in the white snow making it easier to locate the deer after the shot has been taken.
So a little cold, a little damp and a lot of fresh air, what more could you want. Maybe a 14 pointer?

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