Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bud Bash the "Jobbie Nooner" of the North

Love it or hate it here comes
 Bud Bash 2011

Bud Bash, Houghton Lake
Bud Bash in Houghton Lake, MI has been thought of by many as the "Jobbie Nooner" of the north. While the Jobbie Nooner (held on Gull Island, Lake St Clair), is in the early part of summer when the temperatures are milder, Bud Bash is held in August, during the hottest days of summer. A time when tourism seems to slow in Houghton Lake as people go on vacation to other parts.

So it was that the owner of the Limberlost bar and grill decided to hold a "party" that would increase business during this down time. And Bud Bash was born.

Some of the locals are not as enthusiastic about the celebration as the others who come here looking for a good time in the sun and water. Drunkenness and public nudity are often sited by local authorities although the number of incidents have fallen the last few years. Possibly due to the extra law enforcement   officers patrolling during the festivities.  

Jobbie Nooner at Gull Island, Lake St Clair
The partying was somewhat subdued at Gull Island on Lake St Clair this year as thousands braved the 70 degree temperatures and constant drizzle to attended the annual Jobbie Nooner. Estimates of 7000 to 10,000 people braved the chilly temperatures and the all day drizzle.

This years Bud Bash is August 6th. Though many celebrate over the whole weekend. Motel accommodations fill up fast so reserve early.

Stay safe and have fun,

Ken S

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  1. So I have lived in Houghton lake for a long time and anyone who lives here year round hates bud bash and tip up town lures in the drunks too.
    During bud bash people walk around mostly naked hauling cases of booze with them. It all just makes our town look like a bunch of boozers and losers lives here. Tip up town is very unsafe and I wouldn't let my trained dog out there let alone my kids. I wish the limberlost would have stayed lost.