Friday, March 30, 2012

Fishing Dead Stream Flooding Mar 20,2012

Crappie near Reedsburg Dam
I had a pretty successful day of fishing on Dead Stream Flooding by the Reedsburg Dam. I went out around 2 in the afternoon and worked my way around from the boat launch to the dam and back before finally finding a spot with the fish biting. I'm not sure if it was the spot or the time as it was near 5 before I tried the last spot where I finally had a bite.

First catch was a small (maybe 18" Northern Pike), then a Largemouth Bass. A short move to get away from the wind brought me to an area of dried cattails and clumps of vegetation. It was also a hot spot for Sunfish and Crappie most bigger than 8".

I was fishing nightcrawlers on a 1/32 oz orange jighead about 12" below a weighted orange bobber. Seems I had a bite in each direction I cast my line.

The water levels are high right now from winter runoff so the area I was in may not be accessible in the summer when water levels are low. I know the area is filled with tree stumps that are easily seen from shore in the summer.

Backus Creek Spring 2012
I plan to try kayak fishing this year to reach several areas around Houghton Lake that are not accessible by boat in the summer. Fish are pretty much undisturbed in these areas so I expect the fishing to be very good to excellent.

One area is near a Backus Creek dam. It was a busy area last summer with many people fishing from the shore. The water level was low last year and some people were walking out on what is normally water covered vegetation. In the evenings fish can be seen breaking the surface just outside of casting range. If the fish won't come to me, I'll go to them.

I have already had a great deal of success catching Northerns, Largemouths, Sunfish, Bluegill, Crappie and Dogfish (Bowfin). I believe this to be a great year of fishing. If you haven't been fishing in awhile this could be a good year to take it up again. Dust off the old fishing rod and grab some friends and get out to the water, drop a line in and relax. Introduce a youngster to fishing this year.

Backus Lake Update: Logging is still going on near Backus Lake and the heavy equipment is taking it's toll on the dirt roads. Though their adding dirt and grading there are still some areas you won't be able to get a camper past. Hopefully by May they'll be finished and have the road back to an accessible level for campers.

Come up and see us soon.

Ken S

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