Thursday, February 16, 2012

Higgins Lake-Roscommon Winterfest 2012 Update

The weather hasn't really been cooperating this year with unseasonably warm tempertures and below normal snow fall. But Mother Nature has given us a little bit of a break with a couple of inches of snow and up to 9 inches of reported ice thickness.

The snow will help the Cardboard Classic Downhill race (sat 10:30-12) at Pioneer Hill. The Higgins Lake Fishing Derby (sat 9-3) is still on. As is the Ice Skating Rink by the Gerrish Twp Marina (all day fri and sat).

Unfortunately the Snowmobile Radar Run has been cancelled due to unsafe ice conditions.

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The many other events should be unaffected.

Lake City and Harrison also are having winter festivals this weekend.

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