Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Houghton Lake Ice Report: Dec 2011

Houghton Lake Dec 26,2011 near Harveys Marina
So you want to know about the ice on Houghton Lake. Due to the incredibly mild winter so far the ice is a little behind on thickening enough to make it safe. Probably not what you wanted to hear.  Falling through the ice will at best ruin a day of fishing, at worst become a tragedy that could have been avoided by waiting until the ice has reached a safe thickness. Every year there's someone either fishing or riding a snowmobile who goes through the ice.

I have seen some anxious fishermen out in the East Bay off of the shallows near Harvey's Marina. Some are reporting ice as thick as 4" in some spots, BUT that doesn't mean the ice is safe. Sun, wind and shifting currents  beneath the ice can cause the ice to crack creating a hazardous condition.

Ice fishing can be fun and rewarding if you wait until the ice is thick enough and dress warm.

For information on the ice thickness check with:


Lymans on the Lake 989-422-3231

Korbinski's Marine   989-366-5306

Both Lymans & Korbinski's rent ice fishing shanties and won't put them on the ice until it's safe.

Stay safe,

Ken S

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