Friday, May 27, 2011

Houghton Lake Area Fishing Report: May 27, 2011

Backus Creek Flooding
Ken Stephenson

Weather this Memorial Day weekend is looking good with temps in the high 70's and occasional showers. The Walleye are biting at Houghton Lake, on leeches and nightcrawlers trolling in about 8-9 feet of water along the edge of the weed bed, south side. There's good fishing all day with peaks after sunrise and before sunset. Large Walleye are being taken during the night. Mostly due to their light sensitive eyes. When the weed beds grow up you can find them there.

Reedsburg Dam Spring 2011
K. Stephenson

The water levels are still high at Reedsburg causing the Muskegon River to run fast south of the dam. Also the fishing area is still flooded and inaccessible. This makes fishing by the dam poor. But many anglers are dropping boats and fishing not far off the boat launch. With underwater tree stumps and debris, it's a great area for Bass fishing. There are also Northern Pike, Bluegill and Perch. I haven't heard how the fishing has been but there are plenty of people dropping their boats in and wetting a line. Worth a try.  I have been told the cove south off the boat launch is a great place for Crappie. You can't go wrong with crawlers or leeches.

Backus Lake Spring 2011
K Stephenson

Bass Raider at Backus Lake
K. Stephenson

The Bluegills are biting at Backus Lake. The key is small hooks and worms or small pieces of nightcrawler. A couple of weeks ago I was catching Big and small Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Perch. All within 2 hours before sunset. Never had a night like that before or since. If you have never caught Bluegill before, you will be surprised so much fight can come in such a small package. And when they jump you'll swear you have a Bass on the hook. Great eating, too.

The last I heard the Bluegill fishing was good on Lake St Helen, with the best being off Artesia beach. Check in at Malcomb's Tackle Box on your way into town. They'll let you know what you'll need for a fun day of Bluegill fishing.

This saturday is the beginning of Largemouth and Smallmouth season (saturday before Memorial Day).

If your going out remember to bring mosquito repellent because the fish aren't the only thing biting right now.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend and remember those who died for this great nation, so that we might enjoy the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.

Ken S

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