Friday, April 15, 2011

Ice Out Complete-DNR Docks NOT Back In The Water Yet 2011

Backus Lake Spring 2011

In case you saw my blog report earlier, the DNR has NOT put the docks in the lake yet. It would seem someone may have illegally slid the dock into the lake. Probably so they could put their boat in the water. With the winds whipping around at +25mph and whitecaps on the lake, it wouldn't be a good day to be on the lake. Weather reports are calling for bad weather all weekend.

With the water almost high enough to cover them. The water is usually high this time of year due the run off from the ice and snow. This works fine for me since my boat trailer rides a bit high. Sometimes I have to back up to the end of the dock to drop my boat in or get it back out, always afraid I might go off the end of the ramp. I'll be venturing out soon but I wanted to get this note out to you, this being Friday, in case you have plans to come to Houghton Lake this weekend.

On another note the fishing at Reedsburg dam and dead Stream Flooding has been lousy. I believe due to the run off and the river being fast. I've been using nightcrawlers and artificial baits. Though I haven't tried minnows.  Also the area by the dam is flooded on the river side of the dam so fishing from shore is limited.

Reminder: The new Passport system for Michigan State Parks also includes the DNR boat launches. So for $10 it's quite a deal (less than the cost of two day passes). Just check the box for the Passport when renewing your vehicle tabs. A "P" will be on the tabs and passport will be on your paper registration. Each vehicle must have it's own Passport. I have Passport on both my F 150 and my Explorer and I still paid less than I would have for either the annual-parks OR boat launch sticker for one vehicle. If we want this system to stay in place we have to use it. Tell your family, friends and neighbors. It's only $10, less than a movie ticket, for a years worth of access. But only if it is successful. Over 20 state campgrounds are set to be closed again this year due to lack of funds (you still have to pay for a campsite). So tell everyone you know about the DNR Passport. Let's save our state park system.

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