Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beautiful Weather and the Fishing is Easy

Reedsburg Dam State Camp Ground Fall of 2010
K. Stephenson

Spring is on the way. The weather here is in the thirties. The lake has more shanties on it than I have ever seen before. It seems perfect for ice fishing but use caution. When the temperature goes up and the sun shines, the ice cracks and refreezes at night leaving a pushed up ridge of ice and weak areas that won't support weight. Smelt and perch are still biting. Some walleye and pike are being pulled out of the ice. Minnows are still working and wax worms. Good luck!

Ice fishing is great but I have a few spots I want to try out in my pond hopper (see picture above). You can't see the bass jumping under the ice. The fish are feistier when the water warms and their metabolism cranks back up. Yah-hooo. There's a great kayaking trip on the Muskegon river I want to check out. I'm ready to get out and about in some warmer weather. The back roads and two tracks I love to travel are too snow covered to drive on even with 4 wheel drive and my snowmobile isn't running. It's official, I have cabin fever.

Stay safe, warm and dry,

Ken S.

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